Bodybuilding, Crossfit & Powerlifting Knee Wraps

We have now followed up our award winning wrist wraps with what we think are the best knee wraps you can find on the market today. We think our powerlifting knee wraps are the best due to our unique combination of superior support, flexible yet strong materials and of course designs you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for the best knee wraps for squats, leg presses or just some additional knee support for your workouts then look no further. Our dedication to our products is due to the fact that at our core we are athletes ourselves and we strive to create the best products you can find on the market today for our customers.


Limited Time Pre Sale Event

For a limited time you can get our brand new knee wraps at a special pre sale price. This price won’t last and will go back up the regular price, but until then you can get a great product at a great price. Orders will ship the week of October 9th, 2017. Don’t wait and order now!








What Are The Best Knee Wraps For Squats?

When it comes to knee wraps you want the most support you can get, which is why it’s recommended that you get powerlifting knee wraps for the most support for your knees. The reason that additional support is needed is because leg movements like squats, leg press, leg extensions and other exercises put a lot of strain on our knees.

This is where a great pair of knee wraps can be a life saver as they provide you with additional support for the knees and when used as a preventative measure before any knee pain even occurs they can help you protect and maintain healthy knees for years to come. Our knee wraps have been tested by bodybuilders, cross fitters and by record breaking powerlifters and it’s for this reason that we believe they are in fact the top knee wraps for squats you can find on the market today.


Best Knee Wraps of 2017? 

For 3 years straight our wrist wraps have been voted the best in the industry and now with the introduction of our knee wraps some have started saying that they could in fact be the best on the market in this category as well. This was our goal when we set out to start producing knee wraps and we were determined to take that same level of dedication to detail and quality that we put into our wrist wraps and put them into our knee wraps. We don’t say this just out of the blue, below you will find what some of the top fitness review sites on the internet have said about our knee wraps.


When we found out that Essential Fitness had started producing knee wraps we were definitely intrigued as we have loved their wrist wraps for some time now. We were also a bit weary to an extent as many companies have had great products but when they begin to expand into new areas the quality sometimes can begin to lack. We are happy to say that the quality that Essential Fitness brings to the table with wrist wraps has been equaled, if not surpassed by their new knee wraps. They provide superior support and stand out from the crowd in an already crowded market, making these even more impressive. We can’t recommend them highly enough for those looking for a product in this category.
The Muscle Review

We began to hear about Essential Fitness about midway through 2016 and we were really impressed with their wrist wraps, so much in fact we ranked them #1 in 2016 in our review of them. When we heard they had started making knee wraps we figured they would be just as good as their wrist wraps. After trying them out ourselves for the last month we are highly impressed with their overall quality and have even decided to make them our top rated knee wraps of 2017. It’s nice to see a brand that really strives to outdo themselves constantly and we also have to mention their customer support is really top notch as well.
Muscle Mentor

With our focus on powerlifting and strongman competition we are hard on accessory products and have a hard time finding products that can keep up with the demands that such sports demand. With that said there isn’t much we can say about Essential Fitness knee wraps other than they are great. They hold up to the heaviest loads you can throw at them without a hint of fraying, tearing or giving out in any way. We actually bought some to do a giveaway for our readers as a way to help spread the word about these bad boys. All you need to know is these wraps are legit and you should do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair.
Strongman Central

Purchase With Confidence

One thing we understand other than providing the highest quality products on the market today is that we also provide the best customer you will find as well. We stand behind our products and we back that up by offering a best in the market 6 Month No Hassle Warranty on our knee wraps. If during the 6 months after your purchase your wraps tear, rip and don’t hold up like they should, we will send you a brand new pair absolutely free of charge to you. To make it even better we also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days you can return the wraps to us for a full refund.