Obtaining the best health possible is the goal for many of us. We try out different diets and exercise regimens hoping to improve our overall health. While adopting better eating habits and incorporating more physical activity into our lives is important, it is also wise to consider how your emotional health impacts your overall health gains.


The Mind-Body Connection

All the healthy eating and exercise in the world means nothing if you are emotionally frazzled. It is difficult to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when you are dealing with stressors. Even if you use exercise as a way to alleviate stress, it is still important to address the issues that rob you of your overall well-being and happiness. Your mental state is often impacted by unresolved emotional issues. Understanding the significance of the mind-body connection is vital in eliminating stressors so you can reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Experts at Family Doctor.org suggest, “first, try to recognize your emotions and understand why you are having them. Sorting out the causes of sadness, stress, and anxiety in your life can help you manage your emotional health. Then you need to express those feelings in an appropriate way.”


The Toll of Emotional Instability

Consider how your body reacts when you are an emotional wreck. Do you find yourself sabotaging your previous fitness and healthy eating gains through laziness or poor food choices? These are just some ways in which your emotional state impacts your overall health and well-being. While you may be doing your best by adopting healthy eating and living habits, your unstable emotional state can make it difficult for you to maintain your overall health gains. According to Healer’s Library, “harboring trapped emotions within your body can greatly affect your overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.” Finding ways to balance your emotional state is recommended to ensure that you are able to manage your health gains despite emotional disturbances in your life.


Combating Stressors

Stress has the ability to rob you of your overall health and well-being. It negates many of the benefits associated with living a healthy, active lifestyle. For this reason, it is essential to combat stress in effective ways. Incorporating physical activities such as stretching, yoga, and meditation into your lifestyle significantly reduce tension and help you to maintain and increase health gains. Sometimes we need more than just to add more things into our already busy schedules, according to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, “paring down, cleaning house, and living a “less is more” lifestyle is massively helpful in learning how to overcome stress. In an innocent way, it fulfills unmet Safety Needs by inserting order and structure into the chaos to which you’ve grown accustomed.” If necessary, consider seeking help from a professional to address emotional issues that could potentially impact your overall health and well-being. Remember, health is holistic. When you deal with emotional stressors, you increase your quality of life.

When it comes to maintaining and improving your overall health, you owe it to yourself to consider how your emotional state impacts your health gains. By addressing the sources of stress in your life, you are well on your way to improving your emotional state and total health and well-being.

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By Jared Lee

Jared is the owner of Essential Fitness and has been involved in health and fitness for almost 20 years. He went from being a 150 lb scrawny high school kid to gaining over 70 lbs of muscle while staying all natural. Outside the gym, you can usually find Jared working on his businesses and hanging out with his wife and young daughter.