Why Choose Essential Fitness

We understand that when it comes to choosing fitness products that you have many different choices out there, so why should you choose us over other brands? That’s a question that many brands and companies don’t bother trying to answer because the reality of it is they haven’t thought about it and therefore can’t tell you what makes them different from everyone else.

Essential Fitness is built on the idea that we want our customers involved in the products that we create and sell. We don’t want to try and guess what people want but instead we ask customers what they would like to see in the fitness products that many use everyday.

v2 Pink Camo Wraps #1This was evident in our original wrist wraps that were released in early 2015 as they were received very well and as a new company we were happy with that. We began to reach out to customers and get their feedback about the wraps and if there was anything different they would like to see in them. After we started getting feedback we decided that we needed to go back to the drawing board and revamp the wraps from the ground up. So we halted production on the original wraps and worked with our manufacturer to produce wraps that were stronger, lasted longer and also had a more vibrant color to them. The result are wrist wraps that were voted the #1 wrist wrap 2 years straight and our goal is make it 3 years running.

Obviously this is just one example of us listening to our customers but our plan is to continue this practice with existing products we have and for products that we will release in the future as well. Our goal is to not only create the highest quality products on the market but also products that look great as well. We encourage you to join the mailing list as this is the main way we communicate with our customers and it’s there that you will be notified of future products, special discounts, sales and even where we ask your opinion about products in development.