When choosing what is best for your health, there are several questions that you may have. One of those is whether you get the most benefits from using an oil or a supplement. While you may get similar benefits from the two, you will find that oils and supplements of most kinds are very different. Supplementing certain specific ingredients, even the ones that are deemed “healthiest” could mean having too much at one time. For some supplements that might mean that your body simply has more than it can process effectively so you waste most of the supplement. Having too much of another nutrient could possibly make you sick.

Remember, it is always best to get the bulk of your nutrients from whole foods, preferably as close to natural as possible.


How Oils and Supplements are Similar

Coconut oil is only one of the plant-based oils that have been touted as having major health benefits. It can be used for food, hair care, skin care and even for the overall health of your teeth. But, many of the benefits that you get from this and other oils like walnut oil and vegetable oils can be obtained from supplements as well.

Both supplements and oils can provide key nutrients that may play a role in providing optimum health or in addressing specific health needs such as omega fatty acids that may help in lowering your risk of heart disease as well as providing other benefits. There are several types of omegas including omega 3, 6 and 9. Food sources include fatty fish, nuts and seeds, plant-based oils and dark green vegetables like kale.


How Oils and Supplements are Different

The major differences between oils and supplements come in a concentration of nutrients and calories. Some supplements can give you a full day’s worth of a nutrient such as omega fatty acids while the equivalent amount of that nutrient obtained from oil might leave you facing weight gain and other problems. A single gram of oil contains 9 calories. Plant oils provide omegas but not the really important ones such as DHA and EPA which come from fish. For people who can’t or won’t eat fish, it is easier and more efficient to get these nutrients from supplements.

Whether you are getting omegas and other nutrients from oils, foods or from supplements always look for the highest quality that you can get. When you’re concerned about getting fit and healthy, these might be questions that are going through your head. Besides getting the necessary gear for a workout, you need to get the nutrients for your meals before and after down pat. That means knowing whether to use a specific supplement or oil for whatever fitness goal you have set for yourself.