EF Wraps

The Best Wraps In The Industry

EF Wraps

The Best Wraps In The Industry

Free Shipping To The U.S.

6 Month No Hassle Warranty

30 Day Money Back Gurantee

Best In Industry Quality

High Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials available to make high quality products that are ready to work just as hard as you do

Superior Design

Our products are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of those grinding workouts over and over again

We stand behind our products

We not only make our products from the best materials available but we also stand behind our products with a 6 month warranty

You Deserve The Best

Our main focus is to please our customers and part of that is listening to what you demand in quality fitness products. We are always working to evolve and improve our product lines to meet our high standards

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What Makes EF Different?

If you’re looking for the best pair of wrist wraps we here at Essential Fitness know you have many options available to you. Even with all those choices we humbly think we make the best wrist wraps in the fitness industry today. We create high quality products that are made of the best materials available but we also aim to create products that have a fresh and new look like no other brand. Our aim is to create products that look as great as they perform.

We Put Customers First

One of our first priorities that we set out was to be a company that first makes quality products but that also listens to it’s customers. We started Essential Fitness because we were unhappy with the quality and look of wrist wraps and fitness products being offered so we decided to make our own and make them the right way. Due to our founding we are always looking to improve our existing products and create new products that our customers will love. We feel that most companies don’t listen to what their customers really want and we know that without our customers we have no company, therefore we place our customers as our highest priority. If you want to know more about Essential Fitness and who we are then click here.


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